The Urban Legends Walk is available in Delft, Dordrecht, Leiden and The Hague.

A very special walking tour is the Urban Legends Walk, the most fun way to get to know a city. Every city has its urban legends, those stories that are being told again and again, but whose veracity is doubtful. And then again, there are stories which sound completely preposterous, but which are actually true. So legends and facts are mixed in Delft, Dordrecht, Leiden and The Hague.
Can you distinguish between true and false?
Our guide will tell you about the city and its history. And after his story he will ask you: Is this true or false? It’s up to your group to decide, but of course the guide will throw in all his or her cunning and persuasion to convince you. So in the end each member of your groep will end up with a score: who is the doubting Thomas and who the acute listener?

Price: € 132,50 excl. 21% VAT
Duration: 1,5 hrs.
Max. 20 persons per guide.