The city of Leiden: Holland in a nutshell

Experiencing the city of Leiden is experiencing Holland’s history. Through the ages this city has played an important role in the Netherlands and far beyond. Whether in trade, science or art, Leiden has left its mark. The history of the Netherlands can be found on every street corner. From the Lakenhal (Cloth Hall) textiles were sent over the entire world, the Academiegebouw (Academy Building of Leiden University) received the first students in the first university of the country and in Leiden Rembrandt was taught how to paint. All within walking distance!
Leiden has always welcomed newcomers. Whether they are craftsmen from the south in the 16th century or religious refugees from England like the Pilgrims. And nowadays students from all over the world. And so the city grew into a modern community with a lively students population. It also has surprising architecture in the suburbs. And there are flourishing businesses, which play a key role in the Life Sciences in cooperation with Leiden University.
Leiden has many sites to visit, from churches, museums canals or parks. Climb up windmill museum De Valk. Or take a boat trip on the canals and moats. The town still has kept a lot of its charming, 17th century houses, the Rapenburg canal is famous for its patrician houses. Leiden also has lots of museums. Visit the Museum of Antiquities, Naturalis, the Museum for Ethnology, Museum de Lakenhal, SieboldHuis and of course the beautiful botanical gardens of the university. Book your guide here to ensure the best experience.