Guided Walking Tour Dordrecht

Like most cities the city of Dordrecht started on the banks of a river, Thure. In 1299 Dordrecht received staple rights from the Count of Holland. This meant that all goods brought by river and passed through Dordrecht were to be presented first on the market of the town. The city grew and by the middle of the 14th century it reached its heyday.

Artisans and merchants came from far and wide to locate here. Dordrecht was actually the Rotterdam of the late Middle Ages: a transit port with a huge hinterland. In the 18th century its importance began to wane. Rotterdam became the main city in the region.
At the meeting point of the rivers Maas, Merwede and Rijn you can enjoy the wonderful vista across the water and the charming old Dutch innercity with its many beautiful facades and historic locations. Take a guided walking tour Dordrecht and see it all.

Price guided tour:  1,5 hrs. €94,50 excl. 21% VAT
(excl. € 15,- additional booking charge)
Prices for other time spans on request.
Number of persons: max. 20 persons per guide

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