Guided Walking Tour Delft

Delft is well known as the birthplace of the painter Vermeer. The city however has more on offer. It has a beautifully preserved city center with canals and two magnificent churches. They immediately catch the eye. There are strong links between Delft and Dutch royalty and our guides can delight you with many anecdotes. Delft received its charter in 1246. In 1572 Willem of Orange took residence in Delft. Hence the association with the House of Orange. The burial site of the House of Orange has ever since been the Nieuwe Kerk.
The city had an early start in ceramic products since it participated in the Dutch East India Company. They imported Chinese porcelain and in Delft it was copied and adapted to Dutch taste. And so the famous Delft blue was born.
Delft also has an outstanding University of Technology (TU Delft) and a small but charming botanical garden.
Make the most of your visit to Delft and take a guided walking tour Delft. offers a guided walking tour Delft in English, French, German and even Chinese! In addition to the tours we can arrange lunch, dinner, coffee & sweets, admission to museums, boat trips and any other activity you might wish to undertake with your group.

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Prices for other time spans on request.
Number of persons: max. 20 persons per guide

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