City Goose Game

Available in English in Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft, Leiden

‘Ganzenbord’ – “The Game of the Goose” or “Goose Game” – is a traditional board game for children which every Dutch child and adult is familiar with, and has played. We have developed a real life variant of the game, which is also available in English (knowledge of the board game is no prerequisite! Neither is it particularly targeted at children.).
Can you find your way in Rembrandt’s Leiden or in 17th century Amsterdam or The Hague or in Vermeer’s Delft? Or the other way around, would anyone from the 17th century be able to find his way in the contemporary cities? With an original streetplan from the 17th century in hand you will have to find your way through the historic city, using landmarks from the past. You’ll be surprised by many details on both map and in the actual city. You’ll learn a lot about the Golden Age. And hopefully you won’t get lost.
Your group will be divided in smaller teams, each with their 17th century streetplan. On a succession of locations you’ll have to answer questions or execute assignments. Who will gather the highest number of points?

Including: 1 streetplan per subgroup, questionnaire
Plus (in Leiden): admission to the botanical garden or Museum Boerhaave
Plus (Amsterdam, The Hague and Delft): coffee and pastry
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Price: € 13,95 excl. 21% VAT p.p. (Amsterdam € 15,95 excl. VAT)
Number of persons: at least 8 persons. 
This arrangement is not escorted by a guide.

Smaller groups or the citygame without coffee, visit